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Why You Should Use Us!

On behalf of RanJan Travel, let me first start by saying Congratulations!  We at RanJan Travel want to wish you and your fiancé all the happiness that your new lives together can bring.

As your special day approaches, you are probably planning (and worrying) about every detail of your wedding… I know I did!  You may also be planning a destination wedding and/or honeymoon. Organizing all the details of wedding and a honeymoon is not only very difficult, it can be overwhelming.  You Just want everything to be perfect. 

We can help!  RanJan Travel specializes in destination weddings and honeymoons.  We have sent hundreds of newlywed (or soon to be!) couples away.  You can read many of my reviews online.  As a memento of our great work, we have won the Wedding Wire Award for travel agents four years in a row!  

Just in case you don’t realize, using our service will not cost you a penny.  RanJan Travel gets all of our commissions from the destination that you book.  This is not an additive cost but one that is already built into the resort’s or hotel’s cost structure.  Furthermore, we will work for you to ensure you both have the happiest, most stress-free time of your life.  You deserve that!  We will be here for you before, during and after your trip.  If there are any issues along the way, you will always have someone to call who will work to resolve whatever it is 24/7/365.  Try that with any online service!

 Also, you will get the full benefit of our extensive travel expertise.  As you know, not all places look like or treat you like they say in their fancy brochures.  We will get to know you as a couple and provide you the best options that meets all your desires and budget as well.  Relative to cost, in most cases,  we are be able to meet or exceed any online price you might find for similar travel packages.  so for the same or better price, you will have a travel professional at your side to manage every detail of your experience.  Your ultimate happiness is our goal.  We don't want your business just for your wedding or honeymoon, we want to your business for life!  

This is a special time in your life and we know that you want it to be memorable.  It’s never too early to book your trip. Please note that in most cases, you only need a small deposit to hold your trip.  Once you do make your deposit,  we will continue to monitor your trip for any additional cost savings that may come along. 

Please feel free to contact me or Michelle Goodman ( with any travel needs or questions that you might have.  Once again, I wish you both all the very best as you start your new life's journey together.

                                                                          Best regards, 




Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

Wedding Wire 6X Award Winner (2012-2018)!

Great Information for Planning your Honeymoon and/or Destination Wedding!

Saving Money on your Honeymoon.  It’s all about planning, timing, communication (and using an experience travel agent!)

Honeymoons are a special time in every newlywed’s life and therefore its essential to get the right place, at the right time for the right price.  It’s a big world out there and the volume of options can be simply overwhelming. All the choices look so good on the internet; so how do you choose? Its all about these 3 simple steps: Planning, Timing, and Communication.  A plug here from the start… use an experienced travel agent! Travel agents are paid by the hotels and resorts and cost you nothing to tap into their vast knowledge.  They will keep you focused on your priorities and budget. 


The three words to remember here is Where, When, and How Much? All the best value can be found when the proper planning is completed.  So do your research:

·         Knowing what you where you want to go and how much you can afford is essential.  Don’t be lured by glitzy photos on the internet (they often aren’t what they seem).  Decide what type of honeymoon you would like: Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe , cruise, etc and focus in on the destinations in that area that best fit you as a couple

·         Book early.  Typically the best prices are had 6 months+ in advance of travel.  Your travel agent will be able to “lock you in” and in some cases lower the cost if for example the airfare should go down in price over time.  Here, time is truly money!

·         Understand what you are paying for.  Make sure you understand what is all included in the cost you are being quoted… more importantly, is to understand what is not included.  Taxes, fees, internet use, transfers, etc. are common “add-ons”.  These can add a lot of unforeseen cost to a trip.


Once you decided on your destination, now it’s all about timing.  When you travel is just as important as the destination you are traveling to, in terms of cost and more importantly cost-savings.  Using common sense here can go a long way:

·         Check the airfare first.  Airfare is the biggest variable with the most volatility in price.  As you think about locations and timing for your travel, airfare costs can have huge swings sometimes based simply on departing one day earlier or later.  Does your destination require a layover or perhaps two as opposed to a destination that has a direct flight?  Not only will you possibly save money you will also save some of your precious time.

·         Stay away from the holidays and the peak seasons if you can.  Often you can stay at a better resort if you choose an off- peak time for that destination as opposed to down grading your resort to fit into your budget for the specific date you have chosen.  Flexibility is key and can save you lots of money

·         Incentive deals are available.  Depending on your timing flexibility, you can shop for great deals at top destinations provided by the hotels, resorts and tour providers.  If you have an absolute favorite place and it’s out of your price range, have your travel agent ask if and when they will running any incentive deals.  If they will be and that time works for you, then you will have gotten your dream location at the very best price.


The third way to save money is to communicate your honeymoon wishes.  Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, work with your agent, and ask friends and family for contributions.

·         If you are working with a travel agent, make sure that the agent is experienced in planning trips to the destination you have chosen.  If so, they are often very knowledgeable as to the many choices, the best values that are currently running, the bad or low value (often are cheaper or “on sale”) locations, and special incentives that your destination of choice may be offer.

·         Seek out the hidden gems ….  Resorts and hotels want honeymooners and will often throw something in to entice you. Many places offer special incentives but you won’t get them unless you ask!  They may provide free room upgrades, hotel / spa credits, honeymoon gift baskets in your room, special concierge services, a free or special excursion etc.  Your travel agent can be an invaluable resource here as well

·         Create a honeymoon registry!  Why not have your friends and family who are not sure what to buy your for your wedding (no need for more toasters!) and have them contribute to your special time.

These are the basic fundamental to planning a great honeymoon experience at the right price.  Like all such things, there are a lot of choices out there so planning, timing and communication are key.  Last, never underestimate the value a travel professional can bring you.  Remember, not only will you gain their vast knowledge but you will have someone to help you focus, stay on budget and find you the honeymoon destination of your dreams and hopefully create magical memories along the way… and all at no cost you!  Good luck and Congratulations!